Whole Foods Nutrition & Ingredients

Some products sold at Whole Foods and select natural food stores are made using a different recipe. While the list of ingredients may look a little different, these ice cream pints and cheesecakes have the same delicious flavor you love!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the recipe different?

All products sold at Whole Foods must be made with Whole-Foods-approved ingredients. Since allulose has not been approved as an ingredient, these ice cream pints and cheesecakes are made with a different sweetener, xylitol, instead (along with erythritol and monk fruit, two sweeteners that appear in other Enlightened products too).

Do these products taste different?

These products have the same delicious taste that you know and love!

Can I share a bite with my pet?

Since dogs should not eat xylitol, please don’t share these products with your furry friends!