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Chunk Cravers Variety Pack

Love an ice cream flavor with craveable chunks in every spoonful? The Chunk Cravers Variety Pack brings together four of our chunkiest flavors, each with only 400 calories or fewer per pint!

Chunk Cravers contains 2 pints each of:

Brownies & Cookie Dough: Chocolate ice cream with chunks of cookie dough, fudge brownie bites, and chocolate chips

Cookies & Cream: Vanilla ice cream with pieces of chocolate sandwich cookie

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough: Vanilla ice cream with chunks of cookie dough and chocolate chips

NEW Caramel Fudge Pretzel: Vanilla ice cream with fudge covered pretzels and a salted caramel swirl

Here's the scoop on serving size: The FDA has changed the serving size for ice cream from ½ cup to ⅔ cup. Caramel Fudge Pretzel is the first of our pints to feature the new labeling—in the coming months you'll see the new ⅔-cup serving size for other flavors as well. Feel free to enjoy your ice cream in however many sittings as you like!

This is the low-sugar, high-protein ice cream you’ve been looking for. Try the Chunk Cravers Variety Pack today and receive FREE SHIPPING on your order!

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