Coconut + Immunity Bars - Enlightened Ice Cream

Coconut + Immunity Bars

We've never seen a coconut sneeze. Then again, they've got that shell for protection. Since you don't have a shell, support a healthy immune system with aloe vera, elderberry, and hibiscus as you enjoy the delicious taste of real coconut.

Made with:
Elderberry - High in vitamin C, elderberry is used around the world to support a healthy immune system.
Hibiscus - Popular worldwide as an herbal tea, hibiscus contains immune-boosting vitamin C and antioxidants.
Aloe vera - Used for thousands of years as a medicinal plant, aloe vera is known for promoting immune health.

Leading coconut fruit bar: 20g sugar
Enlightened Coconut + Immunity bar: 3g sugar

These are low-sugar fruit bars like you've never seen before. Try Enlightened Fruit Infusions Coconut + Immunity bars today, available now only at Whole Foods and coming this summer to our online store!